Next Steps for our Church!


Greetings Brothers & Sisters of Faith!

We are in the midst of a problem we never expected to see in our nation. We are facing a pestilence unlike any other in the history of our world as we know it. It may prove to be something that was blown way out of proportion, or it may prove to be as serious as our officials and health professionals believe it is. Only time will tell. In the interim, we as Christians have been faced with hard decisions.

This past Monday evening I along with our deacons, and some of our church leadership, met to discuss next steps. Some ideas were explored, and we attempted to find God’s will for our church family in light of the Pandemic.

After much discussion, it was decided that per the recommendation of our government and health officials, that to protect the health and safety of our church members we must dismiss temporarily, our congregational meetings. As you know the recommendations from our national and state leaders is that no groups larger than 10 people meet in any one location. This to protect each of you (and us) from possibly contracting the virus which has proven to be life threatening, especially to older adults. You do not have to exhibit symptoms to be a carrier of the disease.

This is one of if not the most heart wrenching decisions I as a pastor and church leader have ever faced, and I am not alone. Some churches have, carelessly in my opinion, decided to keep having meetings against the advice and recommendations of our national leaders. Please understand…no one has told us that we cannot meet. We, using good judgment and exercising care for all our church family feel it is important to protect us all from the perils of this disease.

I sincerely pray that later on, we find out that it would not have been necessary to stop meeting. I would much rather know that we exercised too much caution than to have not exercised sufficient caution, and someone contracted the disease, possibly spread it among others, or possibly even died from ignoring the health recommendations. I do realize that a few other churches may still be holding services, but all I can say is that they in an effort to be “Super Spiritual” are putting the lives and health of their members in jeopardy unnecessarily.

When this is all over, I hope to still be able to shake hands, and hug necks with every one of you and that none of us is lost to this disease. Should any of you be in need in any way during this time, please let me, or one of our Deacons know. We want to assure that our people are taken care of through every means at our disposal.

Our deacons and I will continue to contact each of you regularly and we are having services on Wednesday night and Sunday morning through the use of a telephone conference call. The information about how to access our services is on the enclosed sheet.

Please stay safe, exercise proper sanitary means ( hand washing, hand sanitizer, etc.) and social distancing when around anyone else (minimum of 6 feet between people and yourself). Also please observe any other health precautions you may receive from proper officials. Please join us on the church meeting conference calls until we can meet again in person.

Conference call information is listed farther down in this message. Please join us for “Church on the Phone” until we can once again have “Church in the church!

May God Bless and Keep You each and every one!

Your Pastor, Bro. Tommy